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Chinese Crested Dogs
Ch Blandora Ballerina for Solsplash

Margot was our very first Chinese Crested.

Blandora Obsession with Solsplash
Shona was the second Crested to join our family and we were delighted when she won a RCC at Belfast Championship Show. She was also the mother of our first litter of Crested puppies, 2 hairless and 1 powderpuff boys, sired by the lovely Chinois Chastised. The powderpuff boy was to be our first puff showdog - Solsplash Sollay. See her photo on the Crested Pictures page.

Solsplash Sollay

Solsplash Sollay (Teddy) was our first powderpuff. He was a pleasure to live with and captured our hearts at a very young age. Teddy was sired by Chinois Chastised, (Royce) who was an extrovert and eye-catching young dog, Royce never reaaly fulfilled his potential, but when Teddy was mated to Ch Blandora Ballerina for Solsplash, they produced our Solsplash Dance of Romance who looks like her mother, Margot, and her grandsire, Royce. Both Teddy and Royce can be seen on the Crested Pictures page.